The 2022 vintage is destined to be remembered as extremely challenging, characterized by a very hot, long summer with rare rainfall that resulted in severe water shortages. However, it is at the same time a vintage that will certainly hold surprises.

"To the stingy winter of cold and rainfall, which did not favor the water recovery of soils, exacerbating the drought even during the least warm period of the year, was followed by a spring with a slow start, in the norm, thanks to below-average minimum temperatures in March and in line during April," says Davide Ferrarese

"The rains, which were scarce and limited to a few days, did not greatly benefit the situation of water shortage already outlined."

"May, on the other hand, saw a greater amount of rainfall than in previous months" -the agrotechnician continues- "but the above-average temperatures and sun-filled days of early June imparted speed to vegetative growth, leading to flowering during the first few days of the month."

With the arrival of summer, concern increased about the consequences of the severe water emergency and high temperatures, which were glimpsed in the vineyard with the first suffering leaves. However, the arrival of August brought with it slightly cooler weather, with less extreme heat than earlier in the summer season and an amount of rainfall that made it to date, along with May, the wettest month of the entire 2022.

"Crucial was the lowering of minimum temperatures and the full day of rain between August 17 and 18, which resulted in a recovery of vegetation and, consequently, benefited the Cortese."

In the Gavi territories the harvest began at the end of August, never so early, with the bulk of the harvest taking place the first week of September.

"Despite seasonal difficulties, high temperatures and water shortages have not particularly affected total yields, and the quantities of grapes harvested are very interesting. For this very reason, we can say that the 2022 vintage was surprising," Davide Ferrarese concludes.


Download the Press Release here: CS Harvest 2022