2020 Institutional Label of the Consortium of the Consortium for the Protection of Gavi

It is an embrace of the territory that of Princess Gavia, the noble woman who legend says gave name to the village of Gavi: her arms encircle the hills of the Gavi Docg appellation, the southern edge of Piedmont, the Cortese vineyards with a history dating back thousands of years, the Fort, an ancient outpost of the Genoese hinterland; her hair is the Ligurian Sea from which Gavi, Great White Piedmontese on the first ships that sailed the Ocean bound for the New World, departed.

And it is precisely landscape, wine and wineries, fortresses and castles, as well as the strategic location between the Ligurian Sea and the routes to Turin and Milan that are the strengths of "Valore Gavi," the new wine tourism project launched by the Consortium.

With this vision, enclosed within a goblet and entrusted to the expert stroke ofillustrator Riccardo Guasco, the Consortium recounts and celebrates the history and identity of its Denomination and at the same time looks ahead, to enhance a corner of Piedmont still little traveled by mass tourism and perhaps for this reason still genuine and true.

The label is entrusted with the telling of the "Stories of Gavi": the symbolic places of the territory, a special anniversary for the Appellation or one of the identity aspects of this important wine-growing area.Over the past few years, the Consortium has decided to entrust the label design to a number of artists who, through their creative filter, interpret the symbolic themes of the territory and its historical and cultural heritage.