Walter Speller in Consortium

In mid-April and mid-June, Walter Speller, the Italian editor of, an authoritative British trade publication, was a guest at the Consortium where he had the opportunity
to taste Gavi DOCG wines starting with the new 2021 vintage up to 2010. The wines tasted were highly appreciated by the journalist.

The first leg of the Gavi World Tour was held in Rome on Monday, May 9.

A series of national and international events organized by the Consortium and entirely dedicated to Gavi DOCG, aimed not only at increasing sales volumes but also, and above all, at increasing the perceived value of the Gavi brand, in terms of typicality and recognizability. An ambitious challenge that was met with renewed enthusiasm and passion.
In the halls of the Aleph Rome Hotel, the Great White Piedmontese wine was the
protagonist of a walk-around tasting with more than 70 labels and two thematic masterclasses that allowed press and trade operators to deepen their knowledge of all the facets of this great white.


After the Rome stop, the Gavi World Tour moved across the Channel, to London

On June 23 in the halls of the prestigious location of Somerset House, on the banks of the Thames, the largest tasting entirely dedicated to Gavi DOCG ever held in the United Kingdom, where appreciation and recognition from both consumers and trade professionals are growing.

The Sulle Vie del Cortese event, organized by AIS Veneto, was held in Verona on June 25.

The event saw the participation of the Consorzi di Tutela Vino Custoza DOC and Gavi DOCG. An event that brought together two regions of great importance for wine production, Veneto and Piedmont, united by a "fil blanc": a character that is expressed in two wines united by the same grape variety, Cortese, an exclusive variety of Gavi
and one of the four main ones in Custoza, where it takes the name
Bianca Fernanda.

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