The recipe for roasted red buttons in Franco Aliberti's "Zero Waste" menu with Gavi DOCG

The one dish


Pairing GAVI Riserva



For the dough
 250 gr 00 flour
 150 gr beet
 50 gr water
 salt qb
For the stuffing
 350 gr leftover roast
 100 gr cheese
 1 bunch of sage
 1 bunch of thyme
 extra virgin olive oil
 lemon
 salt and pepper to taste


 In a blender, blend the beet with water and a pinch of
salt until creamy
 Mix the beet cream into the flour, helping yourself
first with a fork, then knead with your hands until
obtain a smooth, elastic dough; flatten and cover with
plastic wrap; let rest in the refrigerator for 15 minutes
 Blend the roast meat with the egg; it should result in a
fine, homogeneous mixture
 Add grated cheese, chopped thyme, salt and pepper
 Divide the dough in half, roll out with a rolling pin on a
floured surface until you obtain 2 rectangular sheets and thin
a few millimeters
 Fill one of the rectangles with the filling, arranging it in rows
about 3 cm apart, then overlap the other
pastry rectangle and make the ravioli in the shape of buttons
 Cook the buttons in plenty of salted water for 2-4
 Drain them and toss them in an emulsion of butter and water
flavored with sage; if you have any roast stock left over
add it as well
 Complete the dish with pepper and lemon peel