The Award is dedicated to the international web communication of Italian Wine Protection Consortia: "ITALIAN WINE WORLDWIDE"

Italian Wine is showing high competitiveness in terms of turnover and aims to increase its value through communication; the role of digital is increasingly crucial in enhancing Denominations and improving their brand positioning.

The challenge now is to communicate effectively.

What are the strategies and methods activated in 2021 by the Wine Protection Consortia to make the best use of digital potential in their international communication?

This will be discussed on Monday, March 21, at the awarding of the 8th Gavi LA BUONA ITALIA Prize to the 4 winners

Also presented on this occasion will be the results of the research "Communicating Italian wine abroad via the web. The role of the Consorzi di Tutela" conducted by the research company Astarea.

Gavi La Buona Italia Award 2022


The awarding of the Gavi La Buona Italia Prize will be the first event of the day dedicated to Gavi Docg.

In fact, "ALL GAVI IN MILAN" is back with the masterclass "The nuances of Gavi. Steel, wood, cement and amphora: vinification and aging styles compared" and the tasting desk with more than 70 labels, discovering the great Piedmontese white.