The paper brings together the results of studies by leading experts on "wood diseases" in Italy and abroad

Containing the views of: Laura Mugnai of DAGRI in Florence, Italy; Olivier Viret Head of Centre de compétence cultures spéciales (DEIS) (DGAV) in Switzerland; Marc Birebent President Worldwide Vineyards based in France; Raffaele Catania grape preparer of the Simonit&Sirch team; Eugenio Sartori president of Rauscedo Cooperative Nurseries; Davide Ferrarese viticultural consultant of VignaVeritas; and Matteo Ascheri, in his capacity as producer and president of the Consorzio di tutela del Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Dogliani.

With introductions by Roberto Ghio - president of the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi - and Costanza Fregoni, coordinator Filiera Vite Horta Srl, the Proceedings of the Conference constitute a real handbook for those in the field: a compendium on the state of the art of Mal dell'esca and wood diseases explored in depth according to the different aspects - etiology, prevention and future scenarios of intervention and treatment - and in a cross-cutting way, by those working in the technical, research and nursery fields.

The Consortium for the Protection of Gavi has arranged for the online dissemination of the document to provide technicians, producers, and students with a useful vademecum for dealing with one of the most widespread and aggressive diseases for the Italian wine-growing heritage in a synergistic and targeted way. One can "not take the bait": with a comprehensive approach, applying good practices, using rationality and sharing a new "viticultural thinking," which brings back to the center of attention the vine, the balance, the well-being and the longevity of the vineyard, basic principles to achieve the quality of great grapes, even in an increasingly complex context of changing general conditions.