To rediscover the pleasure of the "forbidden" aperitif at home.

Aperitivo is still banned in wine bars and wine shops, but the desire for conviviality resists forced closures. In order not to forget the social ritual par excellence, which at this moment is precisely the symbol of what we cannot do, the Consortium for the Protection of Gavi is launching GaviMix, three live social aperitifs in which to learn how to prepare and enjoy three different Gavi-based cocktails from home.

Jonathan Bergamasco, a young bartender from Piedmont-fromthe Consortium for the Protection of Gavi 'sInstagram account-will teach as many young digital talents the preparation of 3 drinks for 3 weeks: "Gavi 972,""Gavi Mojito," and "Lady Gavi," using the 3 types of Gavi, respectively: Classic Method Sparkling Wine, Vintage, and Reserve.

"In mixology, still white wine is not often used: it is a difficult ingredient, risking succumbing to the other elements of the cocktail.In this case, however, the drinks enhance the characteristics of the individual wines: the perlage and quality of the bubbly, the freshness of the Gavi vintage and the structure of the Riserva," says Jonathan Bergamasco, explaining the original creation of his cocktails.

It starts on Wednesday, April 14 at 7 p.m. together with Trotter Wine (aka Andrea Zigrossi's) with Gavi 972.

It continues on Wednesday, April 21, also at 7 p.m., together with Urban Aperitifs(aka Valeria Carbone's) with Gavi Mojito.

The final date will be Wednesday, April 28 at 7 p.m. with The Girl Who Drinks (aka Valentina Crucil) to prepare an excellent Lady Gavi.

The Gavi Mix aperitifs-actually actual classes to learn how to make at home these cocktails, simple yes, yet masterful formulas of creativity, taste, color and flavor-will be open to all and live simultaneously on the profiles of the influencers involved.