Affinities and relationships between zodiac signs and Gavi Docg.

To toast a finally "gracious" 2021.

Whatever your zodiac sign, the watchword for 2021 is "gracious."

As part of the celebrations of the "2021 Year of Cortese," desired by the Piedmont Region to enhance the historic native Piedmontese grape variety of which Gavi is the highest expression, the Consortium for the Protection of Gavi asked Andrea Gori and Giulia Graglia, authors of "Divinando Le stelle nel bicchiere," to investigate the astrological nature of Gavi Docg. This is the reason for the guided tasting of the three types of the Great Piedmontese White - Vintage, Reserve, Sparkling Wine - associated with the signs of the Zodiac to explore affinities and highlight good omens for the coming months, which took place this morning.