Awarded the Gavi La Buona Italia Award for "sustainable" wine communication to Ruffino. Special mentions to Gruppo Mezzacorona, La Cantina Pizzolato and Azienda Agricola Ricci Curbastro


Communicating sustainability in wine?
Creates resilience and competitive advantage: here's what Walden Lab & The Round Table's survey for the Consortium for the Protection of Gavi says about "sustainable wine communication"

The Tuscan winery was honored for its ability to communicate its "green heart": it puts environmental protection, responsible consumption, "giving back" initiatives, corporate responsibility and welfare, and the fight for gender inequality at the forefront, clearly with the right emphasis, drawing up in black and white the values that underlie Ruffino's production and signing - in fact - a credibility pact with the consumer, which the company renews every day, through its web and social content.

"We are proud and happy to have received this award. Good to see that the essence of our commitment has been captured as well as its concreteness and transversality," comments Sandro Sartor, Ruffino President and CEO.

Awarded, with special mentions, Gruppo Mezzacorona, La Cantina Pizzolato and Azienda Agricola Ricci Curbastro for the special attention with which they communicated their sustainability and social responsibility projects in the wine sector.


But what does the term "sustainability" mean for Italian wineries today?

From the survey conducted by Walden Lab, Advisory & Research for a Sustainable future & The Round Table for the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi, on the 21 companies on the short list, an advanced vision of sustainability emerged, not experienced as a marketing lever, but as an "element of substance" capable of enhancing wine production with direct effects on product quality, its performance and the company's image.

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