More than 25 countries where Great White Piedmontese is appreciated

With more than 13,600,000 bottles sold in 2014, 12% more than in 2013, more than 80% abroad Gavi, Piedmont's Great White, is one of the most appreciated wines outside Italy's borders: elegant and fresh, it is a wine suitable for aging, a rare characteristic among Italian whites; pleasant and easy-drinking, it goes perfectly with the whole meal and with Mediterranean cuisine, one of the world's favorites.
With Vinitaly concluded, the threads of an international success are being pulled, confirmed by the visits of importers exporters customers and agents at the stand of the Consortium of Gavi and in the words of President Gian Piero Broglia, who comments on this edition as follows: "Vinitaly 2015 is a change in continuity: the protagonists are changing because the number of countries interested in Gavi is increasing, first mainly European, now also micro-markets such as Lithuania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, Malta, Ireland, Ucrania and others, in which Gavi is expanding, leading the Great White Piedmontese to be present in more than 25 countries. A success of the appellation that is before everyone's eyes. In the last decade, increased production has corresponded to an increase in the price of bulk and bottled wine. The supply chain thus has been rewarded by this increase and has led Gavi to be among the Top international white wines. As in London where Cortese is the most representative wine in the premium range, for restaurants."