From ancient Acinaticum to Passito di Libarna,

a wine that comes from the past and unites the Gavi Hills with Terre Derthona,

passing through the Borbera Valley.

Presentation of the eno-cultural project

Acinaticum, from the Latin acinus (berry), was the wine the ancient Romans made from raisins, selecting berry after berry for the best grains to make a sweet and aromatic nectar.

As then, from the meeting of two great grape varieties of lower Piedmont, Cortese and Timorasso, today in Libarna Acinaticum, a white raisin wine, was born, the fruit of love for this land and a cultural project aimed at the future and enhancement.

On Saturday, Sept. 4, the Archaeological Area of Libarna, an ancient Roman city lying on the slopes of the Gavi Docg hills, will be the setting for the presentation of the "Passito di Libarna" project, the initiative that presents a novelty in the wine scene of this area of Piedmont, known for the production of great white wines such as Gavi Docg and Derthona Timorasso.

The idea came from a group of friends who are producers of Cortese and Timorasso grapes - oenologists, agronomists, archaeologists, designers and scholars - strongly linked to the territory and its various expressions in the field of oenology and culture, who gathered around the Libarna Arteventi Association giving birth to this eno-cultural journey inspired by a wine with an ancient soul: passito.

Communiqué Passito from the Past