Gavi Restaurant Tour Rome

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of DOCGavi, the Consortium invited Roman journalists to a dinner in one of the most
well-known of the capital, proposing - in combination with the agreed fish menu - 12 references of Gavi, ranging from the type
Spumante to Riserva. The versatility of Gavi, pleasantness and easy drinking supported by the freshness of Cortese were particularly appreciated.
The evening was opened by the introductory speech of President Maurizio Montobbio, who traced the success of the
Gavi first in Italy, recalling Mario Soldati, then abroad. An overview of the appellation was given, describing the
main characteristics of the territory and the grape variety - which journalists could
find within the brochure of the
Consortium and the Terre del Gavi guide distributed during the dinner. It triggered a particular interest
particular from several guests who - given the geographical distance - had never visited
the Gavi Docg area, and the press office was asked by many voices to organize a press
tour to deepen their knowledge of the appellation.

Gavi in Rome