Awards in Gavi for excellence applying digital innovation in the Vineyard, Winery, Distribution, Communication and Hospitality.

An increasingly widespread digital revolution that brings winemakers closer to consumers, evolves production techniques while improving quality and sustainability, and becomes a formidable means of listening to the market and disseminating content and 'stories of the Wine'


The winner of the Gavi La Buona Italia Award 2019,in its 5th edition and dedicated to Smart Wine is Marchesi de Frescobaldi (FI) - Award collected by Filippo Marini - Marketing Director

Also awarded Special Mentions for Smart Wine in the Vineyard to Guido Berlucchi (BS), for the Smart Wine Blockchain to Cantina Placido Volpone (FG) and for Smart Wine in Hospitality to Marchesi Antinori -(FI)

Adopting new digital technologies in the vineyard means producing wine in a more natural way, decreasing fertilizers and other harmful substances. Iintroducing blockchain means going beyond the assured traceability of the Doc and Docg bands and signing a pact of trust with the final consumer, because all stages of the wine production chain are made visible and shareable, from the work in the vineyard to the shelf, passing through every operation in the cellar.

With digital tools, one communicates from a micro-marketing perspective, dialoguing directly with those who choose wines and those who buy them, and reinforcing one's brand values through first-person accounts of exciting stories, such as those that every wine producer in Italy can offer.