As we approach the 2021 grape harvest,we draw the lines of the activities carried out in the first months of the year, the second affected by the Covid19 pandemic.

"Despite industry and market contractions, the Gavi Docg appellation has performed very well, driven strongly by sales abroad, which is, and remains, the main outlet for our wine, actually absorbing 85 percent of the bottles produced of Gavi Docg, especially in England, the U.S. and Russia. In Italy, our small appellation enjoys critical acclaim and is recognized as an authoritative case of success among the many and most important wine-producing areas in our country."

The President of the Consortium for the Protection of Gavi, Maurizio Montobbio

There are numerous activities organized by the Consortium in 2021, which we find described extensively within the newsletter:

ASTROGAVI Affinities and relationships between zodiac signs and Gavi Docg

EXPLORE GAVI The story of our territory through the language of art photography

WE ARE GAVI! The world of Gavi Docg shows itself at 360° by giving
direct word from the producers

GAVI AWARD THE GOOD ITALY The seventh edition of the award highlighted the responsiveness, creativity and inclusiveness deployed by wineries and Consorzi di Tutela

OF GAVI IN GAVI FESTIVAL DIFFUSED 2021 The summer of the Great White Piedmont between wine, art, food and tourism

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