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Since 1993, Corsorzio Tutela del Gavi has been committed to the protection and promotion of the territory’s most expressive product: GAVI Docg and its denomination, which includes the 11 municipalities of Bosio, Capriata d’Orba, Carrosio, Francavilla Bisio, Gavi, Novi Ligure, Parodi Ligure, Pasturana, San Cristoforo, Serravalle Scrivia and Tassarolo in the Province of Alessandria.
The qualification work of the CONSORTIUM and of all the producers is aimed at strengthening this territory, a healthy, economically active reality that invests in quality and research.

The Consortium represents all producers of Gavi Docg, not just the associates.

It is an Erga Omnes body that acts in favour and in support of the entire chain of producers, winemakers and bottlers and has, as its mission, the PROTECTION for the conservation, improvement and environmental sustainability of the production, territory and land of Gavi and ENHANCEMENT to promote the image of Gavi in Italy and the world, participating in fairs, organising workshops and courses, inviting opinion leaders, journalists and buyers, with the aim of spreading the knowledge of the territory and its wine production of excellence.

The role of the CONSORTIUM is to preserve the millennial history of wine-growing in the territory, the deep wine culture of the Denomination and the vocation to quality and elegance of the Great White of Piedmont, which is currently a wine renowned and appreciated all over the world.


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Institutional Label

Every year, since 2013, CONSORTIUM Tutela del Gavi has entrusted the Italian Sommelier Association with the task of blind tasting the samples sent in by the wineries to select the CONSORTIUM’s institutional bottle.

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A Label for the Promotion

During the year, this globe-trotting bottle is sent to the editorial offices of the newspapers. It is the key player of international tasting counters during events, it is the queen of the events organised by the CONSORTIUM as representative of the personality of Gavi Docg.

Every year, the label of the institutional bottle celebrates an event or recounts a corner of the Denomination’s territory, through the brushstrokes of an artist.

Passion, commitment and quality

The Consortium founded in 1993 is the body for the protection and enhancement of the GAVI DOCG Denomination

Promotion and Enhancement

The promotion of Gavi docg includes participation in national and international trade fairs, the presentation of the wine production to the main guides (Gambero Rosso, Espresso and Winesurf) and the organisation of workshops and tastings, press tours and educational activities.
The promotion of Gavi as an expression of its territory is broken down in various ways, especially through the “Di Gavi in Gavi Festival” and the format “Tutto il Gavi a …” that brings the story of the D.O. in the main Italian cities.
The CONSORTIUM’s Institutional Bottle is a fundamental instrument of communication and enhancement of the historical, cultural and architectural heritage of the Gavi DOCG denomination.

Protection and Supervision

The CONSORTIUM for the Protection of Gavi is committed to the protection of the D.O. wine heritage through a series of tools ranging from monitoring and research on vine diseases (Flavescenza dorata, Mal dell’Esca, Asian Bug…), to technical notes concerning the phenological season and the ripening curves of the grapes. These activities are complemented by the organisation of conferences and activities in the field, aimed at the training and information of winemakers.
Sample analyses are also carried out on the bottles to check for the presence of residues of phytopharmaceuticals in the wines, linked to the norms on “import tolerance” values allowed in the main foreign countries of destination of Gavi DOCG: USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Important for sustainability is the Project of environmental biomonitoring with bees, in collaboration with Aspromiele.

The CONSORTIUM is appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out surveillance activities on Gavi Docg during the marketing phase: bottles are taken from both large-scale distribution (e.g., supermarkets) and Hospitality&Retail (wine shops and speciality stores) that are subject to analysis to verify compliance with the production specifications.

Member Services

The services provided to members include legislative advice on the labelling of D.O. wines and technical advice for the development of quality in the vineyard and in the cellar.

The CONSORTIUM supports companies in the communication of promotional activities and shares the members’ news on social networks, giving them visibility in the accredited press.