Gavi is the wine of international artists in Milan

Monday, March 9 On the occasion of the conference "Contemporary Art and Interculturality in Milan" during which the M -WAM Milan World Arts Map project - the network of International Artists living and working in Milan - will be presented, the Consortium for the Protection of Gavi will offer a toast with institutional Gavi to the guests and participating journalists. The M-WAM project creates a connection between Contemporary Art and Interculturality - understood as a vision of the contemporary world and a project of social renewal - opens up unprecedented dialogues and encourages the mutual acquaintance of Milanese and world artistic cultures. The project includes in the coming months an exhibition born from a creative contest, from March 25 to April 6, at the Fabbrica del Vapore, the presence in Venice in Biennale, the creation of an Atelier and a Café meeting place for international artists: they are designers, sculptors, performers, musicians, authors and actors, who toasted to this new reality involving artists from every continent and different disciplines with the most international Italian white wine Gavi DOCG.

Especially on the occasion of Expo 2015, the Consortium espouses the motivations of the project and participates by sharing its intercultural and international motivations. This is not the first time that The Consortium emphasizes the strong connection between food and wine excellence art and culture. Says Francesco Bergaglio - director of the Consortium of Gavi "In a global market, the real added value of a food and wine product are the stories, experiences the suggestions that can be created around the product itself, and that make it unique. We have worked to tell the Stories of Gavi: the art, culture, agriculture, and tourism of our territory through a video in collaboration with Philippe Daverio; internationality and multiculturalism with the Association of Japanese Restaurateurs in Italy who have chosen Gavi as the ideal pairing for Sushi. In the year of Expo we are marrying the M WAM- Milano World Art Maps project because it reaffirms the connection between art and multiculturalism to which we feel very close."